Special Operation

Mission: Save Disha Ravi Age 22 Female Place: Delhi Police custody.

Major Zi reporting live on duty for saving life of Ms Disha Ravi.

First DSCO © and AU Naturel part of Zisuz Labs LLC A Wyoming company would award Ms Disha Ravi 22 year student and Greta Thunberg associate with a New Award from Kerala God's Own Country – Jim Corbett Person of the Year 2021.

Jim Corbett Award for environment protection and saving tigers and forests cover is henceforth constituted to people of color or student or oppressed whose contribution results in saving Natural Forests Fauna or animals.

Second Save her being indicted by ministers or vested business interests who would forcibly try to gag or suppress or harm any right to live, right to choose, right to work, right to express including people she might be against with.

Maintain  Law and Order and Black Lives Matter without creating riots or prohibit people instigating  hate speech against certain sect in order to maintain security. In doing so people will be asked to refrain from being impolite incorteous unrespectful or undignified. Vet those who are using deadly force and make peace.

Third Try to create the rift from hardliners media narrative or actions or speech. Use Army Corp SOPrinciples to villify attack or downgrade protection. Donot fret or fear in case of adverse situation coming from top or surroundings.

Fourth Try to promote DeerStalkerCO © brand and AU Naturel as favorably as you can. Remember those who are getting paid and how. They are not shouting their lungs over free lunch. They are fretting they are paid so keep your financials in priority. Promote as best as you can which can include asking selling improving and collaborating.

Fifth Do not succumb to pressure Try to instigate truth if barrage seems or become overwhelming. Keep your masters abreast and donot I repeat donot do anything unlawful.

This is the Charter

Todays Gaffe

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