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We are very excited and looking forward to bringing an end to this pandemic. ZLabs with WEF is working towards a roster.

Hope you are doing well and staying safe and taking good care in this pandemic. Zisuz Labs have been selected to work with WEF for treatment of COVID-19.

We are very excited and looking forward to bringing an end to this pandemic.  Z Labs is waiting for (several) Administrations response for letting us a Research Associate under our roster.

Our work doesn't stop there. We are involved in drafting a Policy Change for WEF regarding Forest Fires, land evictions, human rights abuses, biodiversity destruction, deforestation and ecosystem conversion. It's better than Green New Deal and can be implemented on practical terms.

We are in talks with NOVA for potential implementation before full scale rollout.

Our only competitor is UN-REDD+

As per our prerequisites in 2 months time Research Scientist Associate (Zlabs appointed CDC approved Brooks alumni) we will formulate Artemisinin under remote lab setup to end this ravaging Hog pandemic within Oct-Nov 2020 timeframe w.r.t to expedited Start Date proposed on Aug 1.

Whole world would be obliged if WEF takes action and work towards bringing Super Swine Flu 2019 under control.

If you have any doubt or want any clarifications regarding requested prerequisites --Remote Lab, Research Scientist (Associate) or Plan of Action Please feel free to do so.

Our email and phone number is listed below in show more section.

Super annuated salary of Mt Sinai scientists pay grade $ 75,000 on annual basis x 2 ~ 1,50,000 USD in 2 Months (August, September 2020).

This is our only financial expectations and hope US administration would have heard enough of their plea --borne out of mayor's mouth, for such long time now.

Even when WH contracted the disease and the odds were against him we made sure that he remained in good health and any possibility of untoward incident or mishap as a result were mitigated early. Thanks to wit and presence of mind of our director Zi Suz, with due diligence online offline, his life and rumors were kept at hold.

Z Labs still is pretty sure WH officials and WHO will come to this conclusion, hopefully, within this decade.