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Distributed digital infrastructure will oversee planning, operating and executing a series of exchanges.

Re-Tree Forest with each automobile sales and every gallon of petrochemical refined is a policy guidelines for transportation sector. This will include every unit of transportation medium sold ﹣be it car, wagon or airplane, or even forklift. Also included in this policy framework would be  petrochemical producers/refiners and consumers. Our distributed system implements a policy framework that manages certain number of trees for every unit of car sold or gas refined.

We are offered a position with WEF Switzerland to work on this policy with leading AI experts and scientists.

We are proud to be associated with leading organizations which are helping in our efforts to further climate change policy implementation at global scale.

‍Z Labs recently managed to secure a position in this deal with WEF current month. Press release will be made available on the successful outset. We are proud to be associated with them for partnering with us on other project related to pandemic. So stay tuned. Our goal will be to end this pandemic as soon as possible.

‍As far as RF Tree is concerned we are developing metrics and working on insights with clients in India, Asia, Australia and US. REDD++ being our main competition Z Labs are sure we will disrupt Trillion Dollar economy in 5 years.

Our endeavors from the past and successful world missions which netted a huge rounds of financial rewards of our clients in 2016 and 2019 is testament to proof of Z Labs credence.

This distributed digital infrastructure will oversee planning, operating and executing a series of complex profitable exchanges resulting from sales of vehicles of any kind at the Car sales dealership whether or not limited to Cars but many vehicles in general including tractors wagon or airplanes.

A QR based technology monitor is attached to the sapling It reminds the system if the end result is met in full compliance to this policy framework or not. It will monitor initiation, growth or loss of each individual tree till the lifespan of vehicle, oil, owner lifespan or land lease unto 100 years or beyond.

‍Selected on October 7th, 2020 after several rounds of negotiations and interviews where many bulwarks on the mission vetted, stymied --under one particular clause, which makes our offering world class innovation. It's much better than Green New Deal or Vitalik Buterin's original concept of Public Goods. In honor of Democratic Rep and Vitalik genius, Z Labs implementation has no competition --yet, as of now.