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RE-TREE FORESTS 🌳 bunny hugging aye!

Distributed digital infrastructure will oversee planning, operating and executing a series of exchanges.
RE-TREE FORESTS 🌳 bunny hugging aye!

Re-Tree Forest with each automobile sales and every gallon of petrochemical refined is a policy guidelines for transportation sector. This will include every unit of transportation medium sold ﹣be it car, wagon or airplane, or even forklift. Also included in this policy framework would be  petrochemical producers/refiners and consumers. Our distributed system implements a governance framework that manages certain number of trees for every unit of car sold or gas refined.

We are proud to be associated with leading organizations which are helping in our efforts to further climate change policy implementation at global scale.

Our goal will be to end this pandemic as soon as possible.

‍As far as Re-Tree Forests is concerned we have developed the technology and soliciting managing partners in Australia, US. and Asia. REDD+ being our main competition Z Labs is sure we will disrupt Trillion Dollar economy in 5 years.

Call it bunny hugging, we have literally developed patents to do so.  yay!

At local or regional scales with an area around 30000KM the effect of urbanization and agriculture result in a shrinking tree cover with emission accompanied by non-existent mitigatory local afforestation mechanisms.

Conventionally we have failed to provide an adequate or definite solution to store verifiable information associated with land based Carbon Dioxide Removal mechanisms especially afforestation against emission.

A QR based technology monitor is attached to the sapling It reminds the system if the end result is met in full compliance to this governance framework or not. It will monitor initiation, growth or loss of each individual tree till the lifespan of vehicle, oil, owner lifespan or land lease unto 100 years or beyond.

‍City councils who are dependent on revenues borne out of automobile and petrochemical activities seldom show afforestation measures other than pollution stats on dashboard.

ruel says: ludicrous tax revenues on gas and guzzlers is governance. Aye!